Monday, April 22, 2013

April Showers Birthday for Earth Day

It's April and as I've mentioned before, the kids at school (and a lot of the adults) are done.  Even though there are just about two whole months of school to go, they're done.  They're done with working on their behavior and I don't know if it's a combination of inhaling pollen and ingesting jelly beans and chocolate, or some internal vernal clock that makes them screwier than usual, but the number of students "sent to the office for time out" increases dramatically at this particular time of year.

We had one fifth grade boy who was sent to grace us with his presence three times in one day last week.  He was being a wise guy in class and the teacher thought that sitting in the office for ten minutes would make him think twice the next time.  Or in this case, the next time, and the next time.

Upon his third arrival I mentioned to him that we had a name for those students who were regularly sent to the office for time outs and asked if he knew what it might be.  I was looking for "Frequent Flyers" but without hesitation he said "Yeah.  Juvenile Delinquents."  

So I figured since we both (the secretary and I) laughed out loud at that one I would only set my timer for 8 minutes.  

Well, this card took slightly longer than 10 minutes to create and it didn't quite turn out the way I had pictured it.  You see, I was intending to have those splotches look like rain drops and instead I'm thinking it looks like spilled milk.   I'd say snow, but they're definitely splotches and not flakes.

The floating flowers in red were stamped using SU's Reason to Smile set.  The splotches are from French Foliage, and the sentiment is from Occasional Quotes.  

I actually stamped the splotches first in VersaMark and then embossed with clear EP on white paper, thus the reason they are white.  Had I stamped them and embossed last, they would have been clear and more water-like.  But we won't tell the recipient - she won't know the difference.

She likes the color red, so there you go.  Red flowers and a red card base and a little spilled milk.  

Happy Earth Day Birthday!


  1. Lol . . . We call the students that are always in the nurses office "frequent flyers" - I don't know if we have a name for those who get in trouble - but he seemed to come up with one that works . . . and still laughing.
    Have a wonderful day. Our kids and teachers are still hanging in there - but state testing is the net two weeks after that - it is all down hill . . . and crazy busy on top of that. Hang in there.

  2. That was so funny! The first time my son ever got in "trouble" at school was in Middle School, and the principal acted all confused when he saw his name. He said, "Hm. I've never heard his name before so he must not be a problem." Or words to that effect. ;) I personally feel they should just go ahead and end the school year after Spring Break...the rest of the year is useless!!

  3. I saw this on the day, but life has been crazy this week. I think it's beautiful - not milk splashes at all!
    Snow, I was thinking, and not so far out of keeping with the weather we've been having.
    School offices must have got a whole lot more relaxed since my day! Mind you, I do remember when my dad was in charge of late notes way back, he used to bring some hilarious ones home. Surely that wouldn't be handled by a teacher, nowadays...


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