Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wedding - Part 3

Michelle decorated these lanterns with shells and candles and hung starfish on raffia from them.  Here you see one of them on the patio floor before everything was moved back onto the beach where they were hung from shepherd's hooks and lined the pathway to the ceremonial arbor. 

This is Rachel and Brendan coming down the aisle - notice the lanterns on each side.  They moved them inside the reception room after the ceremony and placed them across the bar (sorry no pics).

While the guys (and girls) word flip flops on the beach, they changed into sneakers to match the girls' dresses for the reception.  

There was a beautiful rustic box set up on a side table that was filled with sand and embedded in the sand were our placecards.  The second tag you can't see in this picture had our table on it - they named all the tables after beaches in New Jersey.

On each table was a giant starfish with a tag that had the beach names on them.  

Michelle decorated the tables with beautiful glassware that held candles - some of them immersed in sand or sea glass and sea glass was strewn about the tables.   It looked so pretty IRL.

Her mother had come across these beautiful shell shaped dishes that had a mother-of-pearl finish.  Each of these dishes held the favors that her mom had made.  (I know, I should have moved the S&P shakers for the picture.)  She filled little organza bags with M&M's in the wedding colors that had the date, their names, and thank you printed on them, along with some candy kisses.  Each bag also had a beach badge pinned on it that was a smaller version of the Save The Date magnets they had sent out a year ago, except these said THANK YOU.

What I didn't get a picture of was the beautiful paper lanterns in the wedding colors that were suspended from the ceiling above the dance floor.  They really made it look beautiful.  Michelle really did a wonderful job keeping with this theme.  

The brick wall that you see in the picture above had a ledge on it that also held more candles in beautiful holders and had starfish and sand dollars and shells around them.  It was beautiful.  

One more installment to come.  

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  1. I have really been enjoying your wedding photos. Sorry I haven't commented on all of them - I haven't been too well, plus being very busy in work and then away for a few days. It all looks like a wonderful relaxed and happy day. The photo of the place settings in this post with all the candles glowing is so beautiful. And the lanterns look fabulous, too. I also liked the casual look of the flip-flops and sneakers. We once saw a beach wedding in Greece, but the groom and his party were, presumably, Scottish, and were in all the rig with kilts and long woollen knee-socks and black velvet waistcoats. Not quite suitable for 90F heat. The dress code at your son's wedding looks far more location-appropriate!!


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