Monday, October 22, 2012

Eleven Stops, Twelve Tops and More


Finn's Point

East Point

Cape May

Hereford Inlet


Tucker's Island


Sea Girt

Sandy Hook

Twin Lights South Tower

Twin Lights North Tower

Well, we did it again.  A little over 500 miles this weekend - gorgeous weather - beautiful colors - 11 Lighthouses, 2 museums, 2 life saving stations.  Favorite stops included Marlboro Farm stand for some colorful mini pumpkins, and fall plants, Kohr's custard in Stone Harbor, I had to have the pumpkin/cinnamon swirl, and the WAWA on Rt. 47 for a pumpkin latte and muffin.

Additional sights included two bridal parties, or was it three?  Two near disasters included a flock of birds taking off over the car christening it (thank God the moon roof was closed!), and a standard poodle charging me on the beach at Sea Girt (thank goodness I turned my back, but he schmutzed my backside - gross).  

More pictures to follow soon.  


  1. What a fun weekend!!! Love the pictures

  2. Is it that time of year again already? I always love your lighthouse photos - choosing to share just the tops is a neat idea. Impossible to choose just one favourite - I liked #1 and #4 and the one with all the cream lattice ironwork. That last one almost looks Indian!
    Cows, not sheep :-), and an identified flying crow!!


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