Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Wedding - Part 2

The guys - can you tell they are Giants fans?  They were tossing around the football on the beach, hamming it up for the camera.

The girls - our daughter Rachel is second from the left.  Michelle's sister Lindsay, second from the right, surprised almost everyone (her parents were in on it) by arriving from Afghanistan on Saturday afternoon, shortly before the rehearsal.  The bridal salon where the girls got their dresses had ordered her dress and were going to take it back and refund the money if she didn't make the wedding - something that is not normally done.  How strange was it also that the other three girls' dresses were all too big and had to be altered, but Lindsay's was a perfect fit.  Just like it was written in the stars.  Once Michelle saw Lindsay, she didn't care about the weather as much.   But the weather came through too and as you can see, they were able to have the ceremony on the beach.  (All of them in flip flops!)

A friend of Chris and Michelle's presided over the ceremony and did a wonderful job.  The girls in the bridal party were the three sisters - Michelle's sisters Julie and Lindsay and Chris' sister Rachel, and Michelle's cousin Liz.  The groomsmen were three of Chris' best buds.  Frank, whom he has known since he was 6 and Brendan and Ray.  They've been friends since high school.  

He looks like he's about to burst with joy.  And so were we.  

I'll have more of the decorative details coming soon.  


  1. Loving the wedding photo's! Keep them coming!
    Sunshine NZ

  2. I love weddings on the beach . . . It looks like it was amazing! What a wonderful surprise that her sister could make it. Looking forward to more pictures.


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