Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fall Garage Sale Finds

Last Saturday was the fall garage sale at the reformed church down the road.  I like these sales because they always have a lot of merchandise priced very reasonably.  I've never come away empty-handed and this time was no different.  HWNSNBP actually picked out the cut glass bowl  - we were looking for a nice glass bowl to float some of the large dahlia's in the week before and didn't seem to have anything suitable except a decorative stemmed glass.  This was a bargain for a buck!  The clear glass canisters were 50 and 25 cents and they'll join the small collection I've started of clear glass canisters.  I couldn't resist the small all- white teapot - it will join the other all- white teapots I've picked up at previous sales.  It wasn't priced but I didn't flinch when they said $2 because I really wanted it.  

These appear to be small candle holders.  They had such a sweet little blue flowered pattern on them.  Not sure what to do with them yet, but I'll have to put them somewhere where I won't forget about them for next spring.

This crafty stuff was all bargain priced.  Three rolls of floral tape for $1, some upholstery tacks also for $1.  Four packages of shoelaces for 25 cents.  A rubber stamp for 10 cents.  A stylus and brass stencil for 25 cents and on the lower left you can barely see three small wood and wire sleds priced at 25 cents each.  

Some doilies and napkins for 25/50 cents.  I also picked up a large white eyelet tablecloth for $3  that did have a hole in it, but we can "embellish" around that.

And it seems that I just can't pass up these balls of cotton thread any time I see them, especially when they're priced at 25 cents.  

Thankfully I had my "boxman" with me.  It was a chilly morning but having him with me meant less time spent out in the cold.  He drops me off while he parks the car and while I start perusing the tables he finds a box he knows I probably will fill - and it all did fit nicely into that one box.

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