Thursday, October 4, 2012

September End - Photos

The full moon of last weekend sitting in a cushion of clouds.  

Are there any bluefish out there?  Fish were jumping and one monster got away, but the other, measuring 13" was the last catch of September.  

The full moon was still visible at sunrise and looked very much like a sunset.  In fact, it was setting in about the same spot that the sun sets.  I think those were blackbirds that were swarming.

Click on any of these pictures to make them bigger.  In the one below I was tickled to get so many textures, though that was not planned.  I just saw this yellow glow on the tree at the top of the hill and had to investigate.

I don't know what you call these.  I wonder however, if they can be used for anything?  Rachel has (or had) a purse that my mother-in-law brought back from a visit to Hungary that is made out of mushrooms - or at least that's what she told us.  And I do know that they make little floral pick birds out of mushrooms.  Just wondering.  


  1. Gorgeous photos, Lorraine....although I wouldn't touch that mushroom with a ten-foot pole! You are more than welcome to come get all the ones that are growing in my yard!!!!

  2. Lorraine!!! That moon photo is absolutely stunning - I would have that enlarged and hang it on the wall. The moon-set ones are lovely too. There are some amazing fungi around at the moment - a couple of weeks ago we spotted one that looked like a stag's antlers, but somebody had pulled it off the tree and it was lying on the ground. It wasn't the dramatic yellow of yours.

  3. Autumn full moons are the best! Wonderful pictures!


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