Sunday, April 15, 2012

PT Thanks

I recently finished up with my physical therapy.  I've graduated to the Wellness section which allows me to continue with my exercise routine without the benefit of the physical therapist (PT) but under the supervision of an exercise physiologist.  My PT helped me to learn how to stretch correctly and rebuild the strength in my hip with her hands on care.  She gave me an exercise routine for both the gym and at home that I continue to do.  The rest of the staff scheduled appointments, helped set up machines, got me equipment, made sure I was staying on the right track while I was completing my routine at the center.  The Wellness will help me to build on that and continue to strengthen my core to help with the pain that I still have from my spinal stenosis.  

I wanted to thank the staff for all the wonderful attention that they gave me during my pt so I made a card for the PT and a box of pizzelles for them all to share.  

I covered an envelope box I had brought home from work with wrapping paper and made some rolled roses out of the scraps and punched some flowers out of the brown packing paper that Stampin Up ships with.  They were just scrunched up and set in between the roses with a hot glue gun.  The tissue was actually  leftover from some that I had put through the shredder at work to make basket filler for some other project. I just stacked the cookies in plastic bags and added a bow to the twist ties.  The one on the right also has a tag with the ingredients listed and a little note from me.  

I am going to try to make a wreath out of those punched flowers - some time in the near future.


  1. Congratulations on your graduation Lorraine!!!! :) It's wonderful to know you are moving forward on your road to recovery!!!! LOVE those rolled paper flowers and, of course, am totally enamored with how much recycling you do!!!!! Congrats!!!!

  2. That's a beautiful card and presentation for you gift. I really like the brown flowers tucked in among the colourful rolled ones.
    I hope that the Wellness stage really does lead to wellness.


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