Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Drink of What?

When HWNSNBP and I went to the Philadelphia Flower Show last month we saw some cute things in the vendor area however, some of the prices we thought were astronomical.  There was one thing in particular that I thought I could recreate for much less.

You take some little potted succulents (approx. $3 each)

Then you get a martini glass from the dollar store ($1) and some colored pebbles ($2-3 dollars a bag with a 40% off coupon at Mike's) and fill the bottom of the glass with the pebbles.  

Or you could splurge a little on a $5 terra cotta mini planter.

Add some cactus soil (approx. $3) and the succulent on top of the pebbles

And then add a layer of the pebbles over the soil.  Tah Dah!

A succulent parfait - prettier and much cheaper than the $16 price tag that we saw at the flower show!

This one's a little more mediterranean looking I think.

And if you happen to have leftover or other colored stones or crushed shells and more $1 glasses you can have a party!


  1. LOVE IT! And I love succulents....and have none. I wonder how long the wine glass would last. I know succulents don't grow fast, but I have no idea how fast the root system spreads.

  2. What a fabulous succulent party!!!!! Adorable!!!!!! Makes me want to have a party of my own :) Those colored pebbles and shells are just perfect!!!!

  3. I love these - may have to make some!

  4. Those look fabulous - I like the coloured parfait ones for fun value and the plain shell one for style, but I like the Mediterranean style one best.


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