Friday, April 20, 2012

How Far is it to New Zealand?

Maybe I should ask SIRI that?  Hold on - SIRI says................oh forget SIRI.  I know it's halfway around the world from here.

Well, getting a package from halfway around the world is what I call a special occasion and I had the good fortune to have one such special occasion recently.  My friend Sunshine, who lives, creates, and blogs in New Zealand sent me this adorable card and some of her "peg" creations.

Sunshine really liked the little pig that I sent her for Pig Day and treated herself to the die and stamp set and look at what wonderful results she got.  This is so cute.  I'm loving the wings too!

And below you will see the fruits of her crafting.  She sent me this lovely assortment of what she calls pegs.  They are made with what we call clothespins that are covered with decorative paper and then embellished.  She had a great idea to use them too - to hang cards she receives.  I think I will do that too - as soon as I get the craft room organized!

Thank you Sunshine.  You really did make me smile with both the card and the pegs!


  1. Wow! What a nice surprise from New Zealand! Love that adorable card and those cute clips!!!! Might have to play around with some clothespins :) Have a wonderful weekend Lorraine!!!!

  2. The little teapot peg is especially appropriate. Got to love the little curls Sunshine gave one of the piggies. Happy mail is always such fun.

  3. Oh my gosh, I am on your blog again! What a nice surprise!
    Yes, us Kiwi's (aka New Zealanders) call them "pegs"! This is what makes "International Friendship" so interesting, to learn about every day things & what we each call them!
    Clothespins/pegs they're all the same! I remember when I was in USA a few years back & I often had to stop & explain to my friends there just what I was talking about! It was so much fun & quite hilarious at times...I'd do it all again in a heart beat!
    Thanks Lorraine:-)
    Sunshine NZ


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