Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Administrative Professional's Day

AKA Administrative Assistant's Day, AKA Secretaries Day - by any name, a day that allows you to be thankful to those that are the most helpful to you in your workplace.  Think front office, reception, dispatch, etc.     Wherever you work, or for that matter wherever you encounter someone who takes care of your clerical needs there is someone who you can give a little thanks to today.   I have one of those jobs, but I am not alone in what I do.  I work with some amazing and caring ladies who are part of my support system.  For them I did this...........

These little boxes were filled with four very thin pizzelles - two vanilla and two chocolate with a touch of cinnamon.

To begin with, the containers were recycled.  I've been eating this cheese and saving the boxes for about a year now (the wedges are only 1 pt. a piece if you're doing Weight Watchers and they are good on crackers as well as vegetables).  I carefully removed the paper label on the top and sides and covered them with some DSP that I thought was pretty appropriate as it had letters and numbers on it.

I also took out a tool I have and used it for the first time - the Circle Cutter and Glass Matt.  The top of the box was larger than any of my circle dies and I did not want to have to cut them, so out of the box came the circle cutter.  And it was pretty simple to use.  I ran the side strips through my Xyron so I didn't have to worry about messy gluing.  I didn't bother to remove or cover the label on the bottom.

The typewriter image has a piece of paper in the bale and onto that I used a Just-Rite stamp to add the wording.  I used some cs to make a little folded triangular piece (which I apologize I do not have a picture of) and put that under the paper and bale to raise it up off the box a little.  The finishing touch was adding a die cut daisy and some punched petal leaves.

So here they are waiting to be packed.  (I had to use a rubber band around the box so they wouldn't accidentally open and spill the contents - those pizelles are very delicate!)

To get them delivered to the ladies, I took out some cookie tins and carefully put the correct number of boxes in for each office and sent them with the Interoffice Mailman today.  Gee, maybe I should have saved him some cookies too.  


  1. These are wonderful! Love them.

  2. These are AMAZING Lorraine! I love how you repurpose the simplest of things into something so gorgeous - they are going to love them!!!! I also love the paper with the typewriter - too cute!!!! As for the cookies...I can totally attest to them being DELICIOUS!!!!! What a wonderful way to thank them for all that they do!!!!


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