Wednesday, April 25, 2012

B to B's Become F to F's

Over the years I have made quite a few Blog to Blog friends from literally, all over the world.  But this week I got to meet one of my B to B's and made her an F to F - Face to Face friend.  My friend Michelle from Denver was out here on the east coast for work and happened to be be staying in New Jersey with her aunt about an hour away from here.  How could I not jump at the chance to meet her!  This really was exciting.  

So I drove out to her aunt's framing shop (Glen Roc Framing) in Ewing.  I will say that I couldn't help but feel a little nervous as I got closer to the shop, but my nervousness was swept away when I got such a warm welcome.   They were both so easy to talk to and we really had a good time.   The shop itself was a place that lent itself to our "creative" chatting.  The atmosphere was so comfortable even with the occasional customer coming in.  It was fun to see the interaction and to talk about art in the presence of art.  

I think Michelle and I could have talked for hours.  I am so glad that we got this opportunity to meet in person.  I'm beginning to think I may have to plan a different kind of Blog Hop and start hopping around to meet my B to B's because this was sooooo much fun!  

Look at the beautiful necklace that Michelle made and gave to me.  I will surely treasure it as I will this very special get-together. 


  1. Hi Lorraine!!!! I look forward to many many more hours of in-person chatting in our future!!!!! It was an incredible pleasure to meet you in person!!!! Thank you!!!!

  2. How nice to meet your friend! I love the necklace too!


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