Monday, January 4, 2010

Combination Challenges

There were two challenges today I thought I could combine.  The CAS (Clean and Simple) challenge was to create a Valentine card and the TLC (Technique Lovers Challenge) was to do paper quilting.  I had a few ideas as to how to combine this, but when I went to get the new blade for my paper cutter out of the bag from Michael's it hit me - or rather it fell on the floor.  No, not me, the stamp that I had picked up from the dollar bin at Mike's this weekend.  You see, I was given a giftcard for Christmas and I decided to treat myself to some goodies and despite all my efforts (and all the stuff I already own), there are times that I just can't seem to resist the urge to use the 40% off coupon from the Sunday paper.

Anyway, while shopping yesterday I found this stamp with the squirrel that says "totally nuts for you" and added it to my basket, along with a new MS punch (Birds on a Wire), replacement blades for the cutter, and a selection of Valentine ribbons.  (Oh, I spent every penny of that giftcard plus a bit more!)

When the bag spilled open today and I picked up the stamp I knew it would be perfect.  The sentiment is good for Valentines and since it was square I knew I could build a quilt around it.

The stamp itself is a little over 1 1/2" inches.  I used my 3/4" square punch to punch out squares of some patterns from the new Welcome Neighbor paper that will be available from SU tomorrow.  I drew a grid on white CS and after running the punched squares through my Xyron, laid them down on the grid to make the quilted frame.  I added a simple white cotton string bow and some faux stitching around the edge of the card.  After I stamped the squirrel, I used my markers and blender pen to accent the image a little and stuck that to the back of the quilted piece.  Nothing like a pink squirrel!!!

I was pretty proud of this card and even showed it to HWNSNBP and told him it was his Valentine.  He nodded his head as usual and said "very nice" and then I went to take my pictures.  I even thought I'd provide you with a close up of the squirrel so you could actually read the background and then it hit me...... see if you notice the goof up............


  1. :D I was so busy looking at what, to me, seems to be an upside-down acorn that I didn't even spot the hearts. It's still a cute card. How serendipitous that the little squirrel worked out to fit with filling 4 of the smaller squares.
    If this is a double post, ignore it - first morning back to work and a bad night!

  2. Funny, whenever I make a card with something upside down, I notice it right away but no one else seems to notice. I didn't catch the upside down hearts at all. Too busy focusing on the center square. It is still a gorgeous card.


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