Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Teapot Tuesday 77

In all the tea parties that we've had I don't think we've ever had a celebrity at one, unless you consider Santa a celebrity that it.  This week, we have Miss Audrey Hepburn as Miss Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Isn't this a cute teapot?  Cindy has challenged us to use the theme of Breakfast at Tiffany's this week.  Check it out here on her glob or here at Challenge Headquarters.  We have quite a variety of directions to go with this one.

I've taken Cindy's challenge a bit literal.  I usually have a packet of instant oatmeal and some tea in the morning so I've created a little Top Note pocket card out of Thoroughly Modern DSP for some teabags and will attach that to the oatmeal.  Now I can share my favorite breakfast with someone.  (Truth be told, my intention was to slip the oatmeal into the pocket card, but I should have measured first!!!)

My backdrop is an actual bag from Tiffany's.  About 15 years ago, HWNSNBP won an award at work and in those days, that meant a trip somewhere (with spouses) to meet with other company members and be honored.  We got to go to California, stay at the Ritz-Carlton in Laguna Beach and each night there was a box from Tiffany's left in our room.  There was a crystal dish and a paperweight, and I've forgotten the other thing (and I'm too tired now to look for the scrapbook-sorry!). 

You should have seen the looks from the other passengers on the airplane when the entire east coast group boarded carrying the signature Tiffany's blue bag filled to the brim with more blue boxes inside.  (Actually our bag was full of empty boxes, we packed the crystal in our suitcase hoping it would be safer there ..... and it was.)  Of course I saved those boxes and that bag!  I do believe that that was one of, if not the last time spouses were allowed on those trips. 

Of all the colors that SU has, the closest that came to Tiffany blue is Bermuda Bay, one of this year's In Colors.  I stamped the flowers from Vintage Vogue (can you tell I'm really liking this set!!!) and added the sentiment "Sweet Treats" from Teeny Tiny Wishes. 

Okay, I'm off to visit the gallery and make as many comments as I can before I fall asleep at the computer!  Please check out Cindy's glob linked above and the Teapot Tuesday gallery for this week.  I know you'll enjoy it.


  1. Ooh! Fun....bet you felt so ritzy staying in your fancy schmancy hotel room getting treats in little blue boxes!

    This made me remember way back in the day I worked for a bank and for your 5 year, 10 year and so on anniversary working for the bank, we got to choose something from Tiffany's as a gift. I remember getting some wine glasses. For a long time, I kept Christmas ornaments in that big square blue Tiffany's box. Now I wonder where it is and the glasses? Probably in the basement with all the other stuff I have forgotten about!

    This is absolutely wonderful Lorraine. It just rocks! The colors are amazing and your picture is to die for!

  2. What a fun time you must have had..This is perfect for the party..Great job on that pocket top note packet..It is such a pretty color..

  3. Those colours really are gorgeous - and the blue is also perfect for the lid of the teapot - two for the price of one.
    Sounds as if you did well getting that trip in :D before the company reined back.
    These days I like oatmeal (porridge) as an occasional treat. It was lovely when we were growing up,and in the summer holidays we'd often go to the beach for an early morning swim, leaving the porridge on the range so that it would be ready to warm us up when we got home.

  4. Cute idea Lorraine! I often do the same thing with our 3D projects - I forget to measure the intended. Oh well, still fun to make anyway :)

  5. After we get home, it's going to take a long, long time before I can unstress and drag all my supplies out again. Can't wait to re-join you in scrapping.


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