Saturday, January 23, 2010

January Visitors

Today started off pretty crazy.  There was a house fire a couple of blocks from here and the sirens woke me.  I don't know how many fire companies responded but there were a lot and there was a lot of smoke.  When we did try to get out that way we were turned back but you could see that the house was very damaged.  I'm just hoping that no one was hurt. 

Then we were off to the races, running errands and trying to get back in time for HWNSNBP to get ready to start his basketball officiating duties for the day.  When we came back to the house around lunch time the yard had some visitors.  You can see the deer in the background, several of whom were fighting over three soft apples that I had thrown out there.  I intended for some of the apple to go to the chipmunk who also made an appearance today. 

But the nicest surprise was seeing that the finches finally found HWNSNBP's new finch feeder.  These are goldfinches with their winter coloring.  They become more yellow as the days get longer.  That feeder is full of thistle seed and has been out there since New Year's.  It has taken them a while to find it.  The feeder in the front has seed for the other birds (and the pesky squirrels who will swing on it until that seed is on the ground!). 

We got a little bit of the promise of spring today - that was nice.


  1. It does sound as if spring is on its way! It amazes me how quickly some birds respond to a new feeder - and some take so long you start wondering was it a waste. I miss the goldfinches from our last house, where we had so many, all queuing up on the washing line for a chance to hop onto the feeder. I hope you get a lot of pleasure from yours now they've found their supply of thistle seed.

  2. The home belonged to the Bolton's and thankfully no one was hurt. The house is destroyed though...very sad.

  3. Sunshine NZ1/28/10, 3:16 AM

    Lorraine! I seriously believe you live in "Wonderland"!! I mean that in the nicest possible way! When I first found your blog I was just fascinated with the bird photo's you had taken, & you gave us an update every few days to let us know how they were doing. Being animal/bird lover myslef, I thoguth this was just awesome! I am fascinated by the fact that you have wild deer in your back yard, not to mention the squirrels (which I just looooooooooove!) & all the amazing birds & other animals that visit you! I never know what I am going to see on your blog, as well as all your fabualous artwork, I feel totally spoilt by it all:-) I don't suppose you have bears too?! Please don't stop blogging these wildlife photo's, I won't survive without them!
    BTW, did you use the Stampin' Up two step bird punch on one of your cards?? I am HOPING they become available here in NZ as I just love it!
    {{HUGS}} from Sunshine xo


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