Friday, January 8, 2010


Strange word?  Today is the one year anniversary of my hysterectomy.  Why am I advertising that?  Because I'm here and I'm well and my life has changed because of it.

When you get that dreaded call from the doctor's office that you have cancer you don't know what to do first.  There are appointments to be made, decisions to be made, and you need to remember to breathe.  In my case things happened very quickly.  I got the call on a Friday, saw the surgeon on Tuesday and had the surgery on Thursday - less than a week went by.  My cancer was considered very invasive and fast growing which is why we moved so fast. 

I had about 48 hours to get my life in order.  Order?  What is order when you're faced with your mortality?  I tidied up my desk at work and transferred some files.  Someone else would have to deal with that part of my life. 

Tidying up at home was not as easy.   It never is for me to begin with, but I did the best I could while I contacted those that needed to know what was happening in my life.

I won't go into the details of the surgery or hospital stay though much of it is as fresh in my mind today as it was then.  I am lucky to have a wonderful network of family and friends who gathered around me and showed me their support and love.  My husband (you know him as HWNSNBP) has gone above and beyond to make me comfortable in every way possible.

The results of the surgery showed I was in Stage 1 and did not need any further treatment.  Thank you God.  I will need to see the oncologist every four months for five years which is a little unnerving, but I will deal with that as time goes by.

Since that day last January, I have tried to live a healthier life.  Yes, I have changed my eating habits and begun exercising and have lost 45 pounds.  But I've also tried to eliminate some, if not most of the stress in my life.  I don't know what caused my cancer, but stress cannot be helpful.  That being said, I have begun to speak out when things are happening that bother me rather than sitting by and letting it eat away at me.  Has this helped?  I do feel more relaxed, but only time will tell if there are to be any long-term results.

So today I say thanks.  I say thanks to God, my family and friends, my doctors, and even myself for caring for and taking care of me.  I've got a lot more planned for this life. 


  1. I am humbled by your post..I had no idea.. I am so glad that you came through all of this. It must have been so scary..I think situations like this put your life and priorities into perspective. Congrats on the weight loss. That is awesome..I hope 2010 is a happy healthy year for you..

  2. Happy Hysterversary! I just celebrated my 4th! I had my op for different reasons so my circumstances were completely different. Be happy xxx

  3. Does one say Happy Hysterversary? It's a shame that sometimes it takes something so drastic for us to re-evaluate our lives and priorities. I trust that this will just be the first of very many -versaries for you.


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