Tuesday, July 29, 2008


This has been brewing around in my head for a couple of weeks now. Let's see if you can guess where I got my inspiration for this card. Come on now - don't be bashful - I know there are lurkers out there. I'm not offering any prizes - just thought I'd make this a little fun. Leave a comment with your guess. I'll start giving clues tomorrow (Wed.) and if no one guesses by, let's say Sunday, I'll tell ya!!!
This card below was thrown together with the scraps. I really like using the rough texture wheel in more than one color to make the background (it's retiring as of 7/31, so contact me right away if you want one for yourself). I'm still undecided about cutting the circles that are hanging over the edge. I think I might have to to get it into an envelope. Ha!


  1. ok, that's just way too easy... Yankee Stadium. It's a copy of the commemorative patch that the Yankee players have on their sleeves this year..
    DH and I took a trip to NY a few weeks ago to see them play..DH is a fan. (I am a RedSox fan)...

  2. I was going to say it looks like my Jeep Grill(front part of my car). Being a Yankees fan. But I'm cheating and looking at pats post I agree with that ;)


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