Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday's Throw Aways - Week 10

So......... what's the throw away today? Well there are a couple of things on this card but mainly I wanted to feature the corrugated paper. The white piece in the center comes from a lightbulb package. You could also get this from the inside of a cookie container (Piroulines - one of my favorites), or when you buy a set of dishes or glassware.

It's different than crimping your paper in that it has a backing which make the corrugations into little tunnels. The wire pieces are actually threaded through the corrugations and then wrapped around a toothpick to get the spirals. The wire is from a phone installation somewhere, I don't remember exactly. Could have been at work or at home.

The thin strips of paper on the right are actually quilling strips. Basically, most of the add-ons to this card were scraps or recycled.

Something came up tonight that kept me from my "creativity" time and to be honest this is not a new card, it came out of my card box. I had sent these to some colleagues after we finished a program we were working on together which is why you see the "You Made It Work" in amongst the woven strips.

I kept one for myself because I thought it was really fun. What do you think?

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