Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Teapot Tuesday 46

I love this little white teapot with the bamboo handle. In fact I have bought two of them just like it - but not at the same time. We were asked to put themed baskets together for a silent auction and we did a Tea Party themed basket that went over so well the first time, that we did it a second year. I did a little bit of embellishing on those teapots however. The bamboo handles were not in as good shape as Cindy's so I took some glass beads and wire and wrapped the the handle with the beaded wire just above where it goes through the loops on the pot. It came out pretty good and it also enabled me to choose some napkins and cups and saucers with any kind of color in them as I used a multitude of colored beads.

Cindy's card (that can be found on her glob) is awesome. She titled this week's post "It's Okay to do White Now!" So we were asked to use white on white with the option of adding one additional color. There was a penalty for adding more so I had to stay away from my rainbow beads. Instead I added some faux pearls to my card.

The string of pearls on the card are actually punched out of glossy white card stock - but that doesn't show up in the picture. And the back ground circle of white is actually embossed using the big polka dot texture plate - but that doesn't show up in the picture. What I hope you can see is the embossed flowers behind the heart. I saw a card that my upline did with this embosslit and just had to have it.

The color I chose to use is Regal Rose and I used my large scallop die to punch out the base for the card. The heart is stamped using the Ever After stamp set and I chose this because, as it turns out, friends of ours are celebrating their anniversary this week. For the life of me, I could not find a stamp (and I know I have one somewhere) that says Happy Anniversary, so I have until tomorrow morning to locate one or pen it myself on the inside.

My parents would have been celebrating their 55th wedding anniversary this week also. I was talking to my mother last week about that. She was wondering if you still celebrate your anniversary if your spouse has passed. I told her she could do whatever she wanted. (I secretly hope she'll do something for herself on that day, although I'm sure she'll never tell.)

But back to the teapot of the week. There is some discussion as to when you can start wearing white. Is it after Mother's Day or Memorial Day? I seem to remember it being between Memorial Day and Labor Day, but I say to each his/her own.

I remember such a topic of conversation once in the faculty room at another school. There was a teacher there who said that not only couldn't you wear white at any other time than between May and September, but when you did, your belt, your shoes and your bag had to match. Of course, you then had to be one of those people who change their bags to match their outfits and, well, that I'm not. In fact, I really would be up a creek because this is my new summer bag

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  1. Okay, Lorraine...I have to tell you...there is sumthin about your card! I absolutely love it and your Mom is gonna be so thrilled with it! I love, love, love it! Its so creative!

    Thanks for the tip on how to take care of a teapot handle problem if and when my actually goes....snort! What a crafty idea, but then I think you are one of those crafty kinda people!

    Got a kick out of your comments about the white thing.....its funny how people all grow up hearing the same *proper* thing to do advice! And to see where we are right now....its who cares what color they are wearing, just be happy they are dressed and that their tongue is not pierced!! Snort!

    What great advice you gave your mother, to do what she wants. Its hard not to think about something like that on the wedding date.....Your card will make her day special for sure!

    Happy Anniversary Mom!!!
    Snugs to you..........

  2. I love your card, Lorraine. It's a wonderful design and much different than the standard rectangle. It's very feminine with the scalloped edges and white pearls.
    Your summer handbag is beautiful. The debate about when to wear white is nonexistent here in the islands. We wear white all year long, and that goes for any other color too.
    I think your mom should continue celebrating her anniversary to honor her marriage. I think it would be a lovely sentiment and perhaps good for her soul too.
    Take care.


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