Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Teapot Tuesday Challenge

This time I'm only a day late. Ha! Isn't this cute - the bunny in the carrots. I don't have many animal stamps so I had to search my stash to come up with a rabbit.

Here's my interpretation.

I thought that one little bunny would be too lonely on this card, so I added a second one. I think it also makes the message more personal - between two people. I flipped the outside pieces because it looked like a giant orange with a bow on it when I kept the circle shape. This is a little abstract. You can find Teapot Tuesday info on Mothermark's glob.

This card will be going to a friend of mine who had surgery today on her shoulder. She is a cancer survivor and continues to fight - please keep her in your prayers.

If you would like the recipe for this card, please check my Splitcoast gallery (I'm too lazy tonight to type it up twice). Thanks for looking.


  1. It is absolutely precious! I love it. You did a wonderful job with the *carrot pattern*. What a fun card inspired by my teapot! So glad you played!

  2. You are so talented Lorraine...Love this and your Splitcoast gallery.

  3. Lorraine, you do such incredible work with paper. Everytime I come here, I'm just amazed at your creativity and talent.
    The carrot card is just precious.
    Take care.

  4. OMG! I love how this pops!! Your blog is now added to my favorites!!


  5. This is DARLING! What a great card! Also, I recently made a newlywed survival kit like I saw on your blog! I will give you credit when I blog about it.


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