Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bluebird News (Plus)

See what he's keeping watch over! There's a new nest. This will make the third nest that they've built (remember the first clutch was destroyed). The youngsters from the last clutch are seen now and then trying to land on the top of the box but mom and dad shoo them away quickly. You can hear them in the trees in the neighbors yard and having toddlers, mom and dad can't leave them alone for long either. It seems they're putting in a lot of "miles" between the trees. Wait until she starts laying and incubating more eggs!

Today, on the way up to check the box HWNSNBP noticed something moving on the surface of the pool. It was a bird trying to keep it's head above water. He quickly got the net and fished it out. You can see the bird in the net below. I pried the little feet off the net and held it while HWNSNBP went and got some paper towels. The poor little thing was shaking - not sure if it was from fright or being cold. Anyway, I took it up on the deck and gave it a lecture to remind it that it was a bird and not a fish, all the while toweling it down. It let me rub it's head much like we do to our cockatiel, and didn't try to jump or fly away. Again, not sure if that was fright or recovery from shock (or probably a little of both!).

When it felt dry enough I placed it in one of the flower pots while I took care of the flowers on the deck. It was quite content to sit there and every once and awhile I would go over and talk to it and take it's picture. I must mention here that that's when I took the picture of Mr. Blue on the box. He was keeping an eye on me keeping an eye on the rescuee.

Eventually, it felt chipper enough to climb up onto the edge of the pot and began to fluff up it's feathers a bit. You can see that it gradually moved away from me and gave me a look over it's wing before it flew off.


  1. Oh my goodness, what wonderful pictures and a great experience. I wish my camera could take zoom pix like that! We have bluebirds and all sorts of other birds around daily and that is one of my greatest joys, to be able to watch, listen & learn from them! TFS!

  2. Yay! Kudos to you for the animal rescue. I just love these kinds of stories and especially ones with such happy endings.
    Happy 4th of July!


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