Sunday, October 21, 2018

More Bird Pin Finds

Skimming through some of my pictures I realized that I had not yet posted these.  I started looking out for water bird pins at flea markets and garage sales back before 2013 when I found the first one at the little flea market they have twice each summer across the street from our condo in Barnegat.  I posted about that one and the second one that I found at a little church festival my friend J and I went to back in 2013 (This post).

Not too long after that, my blogging friend Clare in CA send me another seagull pin that her husband found.  I was thrilled to add it to my collection.  (This post.)  And in June of 2017 at a local church garage sale I found another.  (This post.)

Ever since, whenever I go to a garage sale, rummage sale, or flea market, I keep my eyes open to find additional birds to join the flock.  I've seen a bunch on ebay and etsy but they're a little pricey for what I want to do with them.  

This past August I found this bird pin at that little flea market across the street.  I know this is probably supposed to be a flamingo, which we wouldn't find here in NJ, but at the time I saw it, with just my sunglasses on and most of the paint worn away, it looked like it could have been a heron.  The vendor only wanted a quarter for it and I was glad that I had one in my pocket.  I remember that when I picked this up it was so hot from being out in the sun that it burned my hand.  

Then, a couple of weeks ago, J and I took some time on a Saturday morning to visit a community garage sale and this little gem was found.  The only purchase of the day!

I think with the temperatures that they're predicting for this evening (33º) it's safe to say that fall is here and garage saling and rummaging will come to a halt until next spring.  


  1. Lovely finds for the collection!

  2. How did I miss this post? I knew I'd looked at the Inktober post with the wonderful bird, and was coming to see if I'd commented in it, but I overlooked this one. Lovely finds. I admit I thought heron at first too. It looks quite old, reminds me of an enamelled butterfly pin I was given that had belonged to a grest-aunt. The gull one is really lovely.


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