Tuesday, October 8, 2013

White Horse, White Birds, White Pumpkin - Charmingly

My good friend J and I attended a fall festival at a little church down the shore last weekend. There was a path through the woods that they were using to give horse cart rides to those that were interested.  We didn't take a ride but we took some time to admire this beautiful white horse.

Besides having crafts and vendors there, they also had a little rummage sale area where I picked up two wooden stools for a steal.  They need some sprucing up which I hope to get to soon and share.

I also found another seagull pin to join the one I had found at a flea market some time ago.  Here's the old one......

And the new one.  The furniture cushions at the condo are "wearing" them.  I've been keeping my eyes open for more to join the flock and was thrilled to find this second one.

Staying with this "white" theme, I picked up an artificial white pumpkin at Mike's that weekend also.  They were on sale so I went for it.  I have something planned for this pumpkin, but I need to get myself in gear to move forward with it.  I did take care of another project this past weekend though.

Big Lots had  "Charm Packs" of fabric squares for $3.  I picked one with fall colors.  There were 24 in the pack.  What to do with them?  I made yo yo's.  And then I stitched the yo yo's together to make a little mat for the pumpkin.  It covers up that empty space in the middle perfectly.

Pretty cute, eh!  


  1. Love you pins . . . especially on the cushions - and your yo-yos are so cute and perfect to set your white pumpkin on - so cute!!!!! :)

  2. What a beautiful horse - and so well groomed, too. The little yo-yo mat looks sweet under the pumpkin - looking forward to seeing what lies in its future when you get there.


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