Saturday, October 26, 2013

Nature Along the Way

A quick stop at Marlboro Farm Market in Bridgeton last Saturday.  Winesaps and mini pumpkins to go.

Blue cedar berries from the grounds at the East Point Lighthouse.

A very large hawk atop the dead tress along the road to and from East Point.

Zinnia from the front yard of the lighthouse at Hereford Inlet.  

And the many different colors of lantana that they have growing there.

This pyracantha bush is just outside the doorway to the Barnegat Light Museum.  It is a beauty.

And more cedar berries on the grounds of Barnegat Light.


  1. I love all the colors in these pictures - and what a wonderful shot of the hawk. There is something about a bin full of pumpkins that I just love!

  2. Lorraine, your nature pictures from your journeys are amazing! Thank you for sharing your view of Fall :)

  3. Beautiful, just beautiful pictures!

  4. The pumpkin displays are amazing - we just don't get them in that profusion here, even if they have become more easily available over the last few years. And the eagle is lovely, but the cedar berries were my favourite when I saw this post a couple of days ago, and still are. I can just imagine the scent.


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