Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Inktober 2018 Days 4-17

My camera/phone is being a pain in the neck lately.  Or maybe it's my computer.  In any case, when I go to download my photos, it picks and chooses which, if any it's going to transfer to the computer.  The only way I've found around this is to duplicate each photo and then the darn thing imports both.  So there's a lot of duplicating and deleting going on.   

Sorry for this long, photo heavy post.  I'll try to break up the rest of the month in smaller posts.

Day 4 - SPELL 
Hocus Pocus (I'm really liking that font. Need more practice.)

I saw this garden rooster (in color) for sale on Wayfair.  Too bad they wanted $249 for it!

Day 6 - DROOLING (off prompt) 
 2 colors, 2 shapes, 2 lines

Ball point pens tried to achieve the transparency of the leaves.

Day 8 - STAR
Inspired by the song from Sly and the Family Stone - Everybody is a Star

Day 9 - PRECIOUS (off prompt)
I may go back and watercolor this and the rooster.

Day 10 - FLOWING
This is the wind map of Hurricane Florence showing the directional flow and intensity of the winds.

Day 11 - CRUEL (off prompt)
This was inspired by the needlework art of Vera Shimunia.  

Day 12 - WHALE
This puffin is whale watching from the rocks.

Day 13 - GUARDED (off prompt)
Inspired by the dahlias that HWNSNBP has grown this summer and are now fully in bloom.

Day 14 - CLOCK
My grandparents, who lived downstairs from us when I was a child, had an anniversary clock on top of their TV console which always fascinated me.

Day 15 - WEAK (off prompt)
Don't you just love magenta red trees in the fall!

Day 16 - ANGULAR
This maple leave is very angular I think.

Day 17 - SWOLLEN
This Cianti bottle is swollen with colorful wax reminiscent of Italian restaurant decor of long ago.


  1. Thanks for sharing this lovely set of inktobers.

    1. Thank you for following along with me Christine. I really appreciate the support.

  2. Fabulous! I think my most favourite is the puffin. He's adorable. But I really like the rooster, the leaves, the leaf, and I always like your wind maps. Oh, and the clock...

    1. A friend had posted a little video about puffins and I've always loved them. Did a stop frame to be able to get the coloration right. These are fun as long as I can come up with an idea. Sometimes it takes a longer time than I would like because of that.


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