Thursday, October 25, 2018

Inktober 2018 Days 18-25

Day 18 - BOTTLE
My new bottle of pink sea salt.

Day 19 - SCORCHED (off prompt)
Maybe some rainbow butterflies instead.

That beak could break a lot of things I'm sure.

Day 21 - DRAIN
Don't get your finger caught in this tangled drain.

I recently saw this beautiful tile floor in an article on the internet.  I believe this would be very expensive.

Day 23 - MUDDY
Inspired by a picture I took of my son's muddy boots. 

Day 24 - CHOP (off prompt)
Instead some tangled chains.

Day 25 - PRICKLY
I think these would be very prickly plants.

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  1. I wanted to comncom properly on the PC but we've had an unecunexpe guest for the last few days and I've scarcely been upstairs. Loved the butterflies and the drain (which is s little like a camera lens), but I just adore the little bird of prey. I must look back,it reminds me so much of one particular one we saw when we visited the raptor centre.


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