Tuesday, September 18, 2018

So Many Rainy Days

I know I shouldn't complain about all the rain we've been having here considering what Florence is doing to our southern neighbors, but it has been one wet weekend after another.  Maybe not both days, but a good portion of them. 

Even these seagulls look like they had enough of the rain camping out atop the fenceposts.  We had taken a ride with friends down to the southern end of Long Beach Island being tricked by the sun going in and out amidst the periods of showers.  The rain couldn't dampen the time with good friends though. 

That Sunday morning we headed home early - again in the rain, and decided to stop in Bayhead at Mueller's Bakery for some treats to have later in the day before we visited with the little guy and his parents.  I told HWNSNBP that there would probably be a line of people waiting on a rainy Sunday morning, and I was right.  He actually got lucky when someone standing outside the store gave up waiting and gave him his ticket, so he was actually about 20 people ahead of where he would have been without that ticket and still stood in line for 25 minutes. 

So what did I do while waiting in the car in the rain for that long?  Well, after I checked my e-mail's and Instagram, I guess I fixated on the number of spokes in the wheelrims I could see in the lot around me and took some pictures.  Most of them had five, but I did see the one with 7 and one with 8.  I know, it's a little wackadoodle to take pictures of wheelrims, but there's something about the geometry of those rays.  I think the last one would be fairly easy to accomplish by folding paper, but the other two, with their odd number would take a much greater effort. (Unless you were mathematically inclined and could figure out all those angles and degrees. Which I'm not!)

Last Friday night, the sky cleared just enough to give some color to the sunset.  As is usual, the sun is now setting a lot to the left of our view out the back now making it somewhat impossible to catch that golden orb before it sinks out of sight.  Sometimes there is enough "glow" to go around.

And the clouds make it so dramatic.

So I can't give you the recipes for any of the goodies we picked up at the bakery a couple of weekends back, but I will share the link with a recipe for Fresh Peach Bread with Peach Glaze from Tastes of Lizzy T.  Grab some fresh peaches whilst you still can and give this a try.  I've made it twice now and both times I've used heavy cream in place of the milk in the bread and haven't had to use any extra liquid in the glaze.  

I'm seriously looking to packaging up peaches in the recipe proportions and freezing them to have on hand for the holidays and those winter doldrum days.  


  1. Maybe we will see some wheel rim inspired cards from you?

  2. That second sunset photo is stunning, I'll be sure to come back later and look on a large screen. I also love the gulls perched on the fence posts, great capture.


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