Saturday, September 8, 2018

Anniversary Sunflowers

I needed a couple of anniversary cards for this month and after seeing lots of advertisements for nearby sunflower farms, I decided sunflowers would definitely be good for this time of year.  I found this Unity stamp stashed away - Windswept Petals.  I don't know how long I've had it and after some pretty extensive searching I was only able to come up with one example of how it was used so I had to come up with my own thoughts on it.  The flowers themselves were pretty easy, but the background needed a little extra thought.  As you can see, I added green to the open areas and blue to the rest of the background.  The only thing that I did not like was part of the stamp itself.  See where the petals extend past the frame?  I don't like that they left the line from the frame visible in those petals, so after auditioning this sample, I used an Exacto knife to cut out those lines from the petals on the stamp.

I also used my Susan's Garden sunflower die to make a paper sunflower, complete with leaves to add to the final card.  I trimmed around the image and mounted it on a chocolate chip card base layered with some birch bark paper first.  There's also a length of burlap-like ribbon on that panel.  Then the paper sunflower was added.  Can you see the petals are clear of that line now?

One for a 40th anniversary, one for a 41st anniversary, and one for a future occasion.

And here is the updated faux succulent planter.  I took the paper succulents off the reindeer moss and added some Spanish moss before gluing them back down and I think they look much better.  And the ladies loved them!


  1. The windswept sunflower stamp itself is very creative. Beautiful cards and cute finished planter!

  2. Of course the ladies loved them...starting at the bottom of your post first.

    The sunflowers were what caught my eye when I was going to my feed to pick up the link to a radio quiz we listen to. They are beautiful. With the dark background they doubly remind me of Van Gogh. And yes, I think that line through the petals would have annoyed me too. The birch bark (is that the wrapping paper) makes a great setting for them. And the added 3D one looks great paired with the stamped image.

  3. I'm sure you could sell your succulents - people would love them. You could easily sell your cards too!


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