Monday, September 24, 2018


41 years today.  The dance may be a little slower, but the sentiment is the same.  


  1. Lorraine,

    41 years of togetherness is wonderful. Happy Anniversary! DH and I celebrated our 39th in June but I've known the dear most of my life. We dated almost three years before we tied the knot. We were such kids, he was a month short of his 20th bday and I was still in high school entering my senior year. I'm thankful God brought us together and I cannot imagine (nor do I want to) life without him. I hope you guys have many more wonderful years together sharing more love each day than the day before. Thanks for visiting today. You are more than welcome to join my linky party. ;)

  2. Happy anniversary to you both! I hope you did something lovely with your day and that you enjoy many more years together.


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