Saturday, July 2, 2016

This, That, and 333

Last Sunday's sunset was another stellar one.  The colors were so intense - owing to the cloud cover. I find it hard to stop clicking and tear myself away, yet I am also impatient to see how it will continue to morph and if it becomes even more beautiful.  There comes a point when the sky is still very visible and very colorful, but the camera just doesn't do it justice.  Coming in off the back porch, it continues to look very much like a mural and will eventually fade away leaving only the blinking lights of houses and towers in the distance.

We went over to LBI (Long Beach Island) on Monday morning with our bikes for a quick ride before grabbing breakfast sandwiches from the Inlet Deli.  The temperature was perfect and there was a breeze that felt so good in the warm sun.  There weren't many boats out or people around which I think is typical for a Monday morning.  Riding down one of the side streets the lighthouse was framed by this boat launcher.  

As we were arriving back at the condo on Friday night it was in the midst of a thunderstorm which, thankfully, slowed down a bit so we could get inside without getting too wet.  I was busy watching the storm pass on the back porch hoping to see whether there would be a sunset opportunity and almost missed the show that was on the other side of the house - a rainbow!

This is a panoramic view of it I took with my cell phone which I could only get to work once and you really can't see the colors that well, but I tried.

After it dissipated, I went back in to back and caught this sunset.  I just never do get enough sunsets.

So where does the 333 come in?  Here is a picture of a box turtle that our son sent us this week.  They seem to have regular turtle visitors to their yard around this time of the year.  They come to lay their eggs in the soft dirt and then venture off into the wild again.  They were kiddingly asking what to name it and I suggested 333 because of the pattern of 3's on the turtles shell.  

I know that's a stretch of the theme for Our Beautiful World this week (Three), but there are three three's, so I hope it counts.  I've missed the last month or so, and I hope to get back in the habit of visiting there because I love seeing things through the eyes of the lovely hostesses from around the world.  Check it out, why don't you!


  1. Gorgeous photos....we had a fabulous sunset last night but I am such a camera dunce I did not know what setting to use to capture it! But it is stuck in my mind, it was so beautiful! I love the turtle...and the threes are very evident! Lucky that your son sent that to you! We used to find lots of turtles around the farm...I haven't seen any box turtles for a long time but I know there are a few still in the area! Enjoy your 4th!

  2. Amazing photos . . . we have to take the time to enjoy every sunset and rainbow we get. Love that turtle!

  3. Beautiful skies, wow!! Yes I'm like that as well, taking another photo and then another, because the sky is getting more glorious until fading into darkness. I smiled when seeing your photo for "three", haha, wonderful shot!

  4. Lovely selection, thanks for joining in the fun at OBW!


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