Wednesday, July 6, 2016

ICAD 2016 - #29-#35

Inspiration can be anywhere - prompts, Pinterest, nature, personal experience, experimentation. It can be simple or complex.  And sometimes the simple turns out to be complex and vice versa.  

June 29 - Aqua - this was inspired by a card I saw on Pinterest.  Here's the link to the blog with the card which is much prettier.  Done with rubber stamps and ink.

June 30 - Trivial Pursuit - It's been years since I've played TP and all that was coming to mind were the cheese wedges, and then I just started thinking about the words and they helped me make this statement.  This card was coated with gesso before I started playing with some "cheap" watercolors (one of those $5 sets children's sets, but it has several cool shades of pink and blue).

July 1 - 100 - I was thinking of drawing a dandelion and then remembered I had this set from AMUSE.  So again, rubber stamps and ink.  Oh, the background stamps (butterfly and leaves) are Stampin Up.

July 2 - Zodiac - I'm an Aries so I went with the symbol for my sign and used my favorite color in washi tape, watercolors, and markers. 

July 3 - Magic - Truth be told, I knew we would be away for the weekend so I kind of slapped this one together.  The background was previously done weeks ago when I was using up some paint and I found the butterfly already colored and cut in my scrap pile.  There is some magic, I feel, in a caterpillar becoming a butterfly - don't you think?

July 4 - Statue of Liberty - This Statue of Liberty stamp is among my very first.  I'm surprised I could even find it.  Again, the blue and white background was previously made.  I added some red Sharpie stripes and the lettering.

July 5 - Sunflowers - And this is where the simple became the complex but it was fun "building" it nonetheless.  I had started with just pale yellow circles with darker centers.  Then I swished some greens in between.  Then I decided that I wanted more distinct petals so I added some simple brush stroke shapes.  Then I put dots of a darker yellow on the petals towards the centers and liked how they puddled there.  I took a fine brush and added the orange line around the center. Then we left for the weekend and when we got home yesterday I couldn't find what I had started.  Luckily, I moved something on my craft table and there it was, but I thought it needed more so I outlined the petals with marker.  Then it was the leaves that needed outlining.  And then the flower centers were too plain so I played with them.  Finally, I took the fine brush again and painted the fold marks in the petals.  Sheesh!  

Okay, so on to Week 6.

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