Thursday, July 14, 2016

ICAD 2016 - #36-#42

I found some of these a little hard this week, and some of them a little thought provoking, and really, I've also found that doing this has been a little bit of an escape from reality - just a focus on doing.

July 6 - Crystal or Prism - I had just received these new Gansi Tambi Starry Colors in the mail and decided that although they weren't crystal or prism-like, that they were shiny like crystals or prisms. Honestly, the photograph makes them look so much better and the reflection gives them so much more dimension.

July 7 - Meditation - So........when I do my tangles I feel sometimes like I'm in a meditative state so I went with tangling for this one.  I had picked up some new gel pens at the Dollar Spot at Target and I wanted to try them out.  I also used a Micron pen and lightly shaded with a Prismacolor pencil.

July 8 - Folk Art - This has nothing to do with the prompt.  I was drawing a blank and right now I don't even remember what did prompt me to write down this school story and illustrate it.  Go figure. It's a pencil drawing colored lightly with Prismacolors.  

July 9 - Lens - I woke up on July 8th to the horrible news from Dallas and found it very upsetting.  I don't understand all the hate.  These last few weeks there have been a number of news reports/coverages that have really been depressing.  I feel that I want to speak out about certain things but I know that people only hear what they want to hear.  I just have to know that in my heart I carry no hatred and I've tried to bring up my children the same way.  So in thinking ahead about the prompts for the weekend since we were to be away, I was pondering lens and imagined that someone could invent a lens to wear, or to be implanted at birth that would make all skin colors look purple.  That we would all be physically the same so that we could love each other.  Just a thought.

July 10 - Surfboard - Another recent purchase was a small set of KOI watercolors that came with an aquapainter, or as they called it, a water brush.  I had this little beach scene in my head and it translated pretty good.  I asked HWNSNBP if he could describe it to me and he got it all right except for the beach towel.  He had no idea what that was.  

July 11 - Latitude and Longitude.  I swiped some ink pads over the card and then used the globe stamp and the wings stamp.  The stamped latitudes and longitudes are the places where my immediate loved ones live.  

July 12 - Yellow - I kind of feel that I failed at this one, or that I cheated, because I wound up doing it twice.  The first time I didn't pay close enough attention to the placement of the wording and then I tried to white it out and move it only to have the white out clump up on the index card and cause my pen to clog up and not be able to get smooth lettering.  I had plenty more torn pieces of the paint chips so I started over.  (Why did I have yellow paint chips you ask - well they're going to paint our office and we were looking for a cheery color and I thought as long as it was school bus yellow that yellow would be cheery.  I think the bright yellow scared my boss because he requested the palest of yellows - which I'm hoping will be noticeably different than the cream color in the hallways outside the office. It currently is a gray-toned white.)

Someone said that we needed color in the office to perk it up and then they turned to the beiges in the swatch booklet, which were okay, but to me beige is a neutral and not a color so I pushed for the yellow even though I'm not really a yellow lover.

I'm really happy that I'm actually using a variety of my art supplies.  Some of them have been sadly neglected.  


  1. I missed a couple of these on facebook Love them! I especially like the little buckets next to the surfboard.

  2. My favourite is the purple love one. But I enjoyed reading the rat/mouse story :D. I like, too, that you chose special coordinates for the latitude and longitude.

  3. What a delightful post!!


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