Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy St. Patrick's Day

My new pink shamrock plant (oxalis) in it's new pot put on quite a show today.

All the green and flowers today reminded me that I have not shared this fun gift that I received from one of my blogging friends Dorrie.  She sent me this beautiful adult coloring book a while ago and this is one of the pages that I have finished.  I think I used just about every single green pencil and marker that I have on all the different plants in this garden.  

Coloring is relaxing.  The hardest part is choosing the colors you're going to use!

St. Patrick's Day wouldn't be complete without a shamrock shake. Thanks to my office co-worker who had to make a bank deposit, she was able to pick up shakes for us on her way back.

It was a lovely almost spring day here today and I got my sorry self outside early this evening to do a little walking. I found this scilla peeking out in the driveway..........

and this patch of green moss which reminded me of a balloon on a string.

Spring is just a few days away and would you believe that they're forecasting a snowstorm for our area on Sunday.  Estimates go from 1-6" and depending on when it starts whether it will actually stick or just be a "white rain".  The bad part about these storms has been the coastal damage that they come with.  Our New Jersey shoreline took a real beating in 2012 from Superstorm Sandy.  A lot of damage was done to our barrier islands - Mother Nature wants them back.  And even though there have been a lot of beach replenishment projects, each of these nor'easters changes the topography again and again.  Millions of dollars have been spent and will continue to be spent to save the beaches and the homes that line them.  We are lucky that our place is on the mainland and well above ground level.  


  1. Lovely pictures . . . you can never get enough green as far as I am concerned. I hope that storm doesn't amount to much and your spring weather is close behind. That coloring book looks fun!

  2. That moss "balloon" was a great thing to notice. I just love the bright blue of scilla - I need to take a trip to Farmleigh soon to see them. Wonderful colouring - do you find it's hard to get enough different greens? I seem to have more from different companies than I do of any other colour.

  3. Beautiful Shamrock. I have a white one, but I do love the mauve/ nice. It must be relaxing to colour. I think I'll buy myself a book.
    I hope they are wrong about the storm.
    Happy Spring!

  4. I love the moss balloon and the picture you colored. It is beautiful. You gave me some inspiration for my own coloring. This coloring book does require a lot of greens, but I still love it! Have a great weekend. Keeping good thoughts that our storm is not a big deal.


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