Thursday, March 31, 2016

A Colorful End of the Month

I didn't keep up with my photo challenge this month, but I did get some good, colorful shots this week to share.  The first are the violets that appear each spring ...... wherever they want.  Really.  They are volunteers at this point.  I added them to certain areas of the yard many years ago and each year it seems I find them in different places and not where they were last spring.  

A friend had given me yellow violets from her yard which she had gotten from her sister's garden.  This was the first one to bloom this year.

And the blue and white violets, or confederates as they're sometimes called, came from my childhood home having been planted there by my grandfather who found them along the river banks he fished. (There's a little tiny spring beauty in there too!)

These scilla's have spread like wildflower wildfire.  I told HWNSNBP today that it's amazing that all of them we have all over the yard came from a bag of about 20 bulbs, the size of an acorn.  They must like it here.

As do these chionodoxa's, or glory of the snow.  I must admit that I have a weakness for blue flowers, especially this shade of blue!

These pink primroses haven't bloomed like this in years.  

And I'm not even sure the name of this flower, but don't those blossoms look like some sort of animal with their mouth open?

We have a few hyacinth's blooming.

And HWNSNBP potted up some Johnny-jump-ups that we got over the weekend.

There are daffodils blooming in the yard also, and the forsythia is perking up nicely.  And just as these flowers are beginning to open we're once again expecting a possible freeze.  Oh well, glad I got out to enjoy them this week.

And I also enjoyed having tea with two good friends this week at Teaberry's.  Their entryway hanging tree was decorated for Easter.  So pretty and colorful.  

And speaking of colorful, have I shared this little gadget.  I think I wrote about our office being without heat for a week recently, and then it happened again last Monday.  This time, it turned out to be a simple fuse - yes some of our school still runs on these kinds of fuses.  The maintenance worker showed it to me and I asked for it and put a piece of washi tape around it.  Now it sits on my desk.

And one last burst of color is the latest wind map that I worked on last night.  Admittedly, this is not for our region, or recent for that matter.  I googled wind maps and images and found the one that this is based on which I think was over one of the poles.  This one was a little more complex that the others.  Please excuse my current obsession with doing these.  I'm just having a lot of fun doing them.  Now I just need to find a good light pink marker - I thought I had one, well actually two, but they're kind of dried up.  Maybe I'll have to do some marker shopping this weekend.

I'm sharing this with Our Beautiful World - this week's prompt is "part".  You can see the parts of the flowers and the fuse, which is part of our heating system.  If you have a few moments, check out the other entries from around the world here.


  1. Beautiful flowers . . . wonderful colors . . . and that tree!!!!
    I love johnny jump ups!

  2. Gorgeous colours! I too love that deep blue of the scilla - and grape hyacinth. I'm amazed by the yellow violet, that is something I have never seen before. And pink primroses always strike me as - odd. Here, primroses are pale yellow. Any other colour and it's probably called a polyanthus. It took me quite a long time to wrap my brain around SU's Primrose Pink!!

    And oh gosh - how decorative that simple fuse looks! You are so imaginative. I'd have just thrown it straight out - after a pause to wonder whether it went into recycling or the regular bin.

    Happy marker shopping - and whatever else!

  3. Beautiful flowers photos!! What a great idea of painting wind maps with markers. Must be very relaxing!


  4. come to say hallo! P.

  5. Thanks for sharing at Our Beautiful World!Great colours of your flowers!AriadnefromGreece!

  6. BEAUTIFUL!!Thanks for sharing with us at Our Beautiful World!

  7. Your flowers are so pretty! Lovely photos for our prompt Lorraine ... Thanks so much for sharing with us at OBW!!


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