Thursday, April 2, 2015

March Calendar and Tangle Wrap-Up

How serendipitous it was that something actually came in the mail with a flying pig on it just before March arrived.  You'd be amazed at the number of catalogs that we receive.  And from the most bizarre places sometimes.  I put a catalog in the Aftercare Program mailbox and didn't even realize, until the girl who runs the program told me, that it was a catalog for bongs and a school address.  We also get liquor catalogs but those are usually only around the holidays.  

I realized after transferring these pictures of my tangle journal that I have not yet done the pencil shading on just about all of them.  Truth be told, I fell a little behind on this due to some neck and shoulder issues I'm having right now.  Seems I've been overcompensating for my lower back and hurting my upper back.  I have to rearrange my work space at work more ergonomically and an injection will be taking place in the next week or so for the inflammation.  Oh, and I've started PT again.  It's a good thing that I like the people there because it certainly puts a large dent in my creative time having to go.

On with the tangles....

March 1 - Envy (molussus)

March 2 - Sevaw (Emily Chen)
March 3 - Wisdom Knot (Sandra Strait)
March 4 - Vano (Hanneke Sieben)

March 5 - Unbatz (Sandy Hunter)
March 6 - Teenas (Adele Bruno)
March 7 - Pendrills (Ellen Wolters)
March 8 - Chebucto (Ellen Wolters)

March 9 - Whirlee (Ellen Wolters video)
March 10 - Pin Bowl (Davide Hunter)
March 11 - Myko (Maria Mason)

March 12 - Weave (Helen Williams)
March 13 - B'twined (Pegi Shargel)
March 14 - Rysa (Linda Farmer)
March 15 - Spoolies (Hanny Waldburges)

March 16 - Garlic Cloves (Jacquelien Bredencord)
March 17 - Sh-Rock (Diane Lechance)
March 18 - Tizzy (Hanny Waldburges)

March 19 - Window Grilles (Mei Hua Teng - DAMY)
March 20 - Goltago (Lianne Woods)
March 21 - Diamond Drops (Janice Sherlock)
March 22 - Dream Dancer (Christine Reyas)

March 23 - Ish (Anya Lothrop)
March 24 - Moonlite (Anne Marks)
March 25 - Omen (Gael Shepherd)

March 26 - Keystone (Dennie York)
March 27 - Balo (Hsin-Ya Hsu)
March 28 - Flux (Maria Thomas' version) official Zentangle
March 29 - Flux (Rick Robert's version) official Zentangle

March 30 - Lacee (Susan Hodel)
March 31 - Looplopp (Ksenija Tojisarljeric)(and I think that's the way I felt when I did this because it's so NOT RIGHT)

Note to self:  When you're eyelids are drooping it's time to put the pen down!

I've included the names of the tangles along with their creator's names (or those that had the step outs).  If you google their names (the tangle or the artist) I'm sure you can find more information.

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