Friday, June 24, 2011

Waterfall for Little Sabrina

I promised another interactive card for my friend's other granddaughter Sabrina.  Her sister Vanessa recently had some emergency surgery and it was hard for Sabrina to understand what was going on and why her big sister was getting all the attention.  Her grandmom did a great job keeping Sabrina occupied and also helping to keep her mind off of things. 

This is the waterfall card I made for her.  She likes flowers and the color pink grandmom said - so she got pink flowers with some peachy ones too.

You can't really see the sentiment too well.  It says "The Earth Laughs in Flowers".

I hope the little one's enjoyed both of the cards - they were fun to make. 


  1. I think waterfall cards are so much fun. It's how I found SCS way back - instructions in a magazine weren't very clear so I went looking for a better tutorial. I'm sure Sabrina loved that - perfectly pink and girlie.

  2. This is wonderful. She will have so much fun with this kind of card. I have tried these before and mine was not nearly as workable.:)


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