Saturday, June 4, 2011

Last Weekend's Pics

Bird on the dune at LBI - I do not know what variety, but it just awes me how they perch on the grass and it hardly moves with their weight.

Feeding gull at Barnegat Light

Coming in for a landing.

My favorite.  This Asian woman was sitting on the bulkhead behind the lighthouse holding this giant black umbrella.   Her family was off to the right frolicking on the rocks.  The feeding gull from the picture above brought that crab out of the water and landed to her left.  The other gull tried to steal the crab and their antics appeared to scare the woman who started to hiss, yes, hiss at the gulls.  Needless to say, they didn't mind the hissing, but when she moved that umbrella in their direction they took off.  I found the whole thing rather comical.  She did not know I was about 20 feet behind her and saw, and heard, the whole thing.

The sun was rather intense.  So much so that I didn't realize until later when I came back that I actually got a little burnt around the shirt collar.  We weren't going to be out long, but I should have known better and put on the sunscreen - or brought my little blue umbrella out of the car!

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  1. I love seeing your seaside photos - they make up for the fact that we no longer live near the sea at all. I love the one of the gull in the water, with the reflection and the grass for contrast along the front. What a gorgeous looking big umbrella too!!
    C managed to get a slightly red nose in the sun yesterday even though I made sure to pack lotion when we set out in the morning.
    I hope you were able to enjoy the wedding and maybe even dance a bit?


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