Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Jingle Belles 26 - Order of the Opus Gluei - Tagging Along

If ever I cut a corner close it was with this challenge today.   I've been home for the past couple of days, taking it easy after a second cortisone injection in my lower back, hoping that maybe this will help it to work this time, and though there's not much big stuff I can do, I've been getting over involved with the little stuff and losing all track of time.  I knew basically what I wanted to do, and I actually got it done in what I thought would be enough time, then the computer decides to do a crash dump on me and by the time I went to upload on the JB site there were 0 mins. left to add my link.  I think someone must have been on my side - every second counts.

Anyway, enough excuses I know, and let me get to the challenge.  The title of the challenge is Lonely This Christmas - aka Tagging Along and you guessed it, probably by the picture above, that not one, but two items were part of this.  A card and a tag.  And this challenge is Tagging Along with that of the Order of the Opus Gluei.  What fun!

First let's start with the card.  I used a Poppy Parade base and added a Top Note and embossed panel in the new Lucky Limeade.  My color inspiration came from the embellishment that I'll get to in a bit.  I punched out a Poppy Parade bird and made it into a cardinal and added that to a large oval punched in white.

The tag on the box uses another oval white punch and the punched out medium oval from making the handle on the box.  (I didn't emboss the back of the box due to time, but if I did, I would have used that embossed piece on the card - oh well!).  The tag is tied on with some Whisper White ribbon.

Now the embellishment is a mish-mosh of some of the things that I had flapping around on my workspace.  I say flapping around because the Stamp Castle is not air-conditioned and I have a fan that blows everything about a bit.  It's almost comfortable, a little noisy, and sometimes a hassle catching things that are blowing around.  

The little rosette is made from a paper doily that I cut the center out of and then scrunched around the edges of a circle dot of red-line tape.  (I get mine from Jody in Texas.)  Then I did the same with a mini-cupcake liner.  There you can see where the colors came from.  The center is a punch out left when I made some candle holders with the daisy die out of an aluminum tray. They were too cool to toss.

What will I put in the little bag.  Well, there's all sorts of possibilities. I could put a few chocolates, or some flavored tea bags, or even a small package of tissues. 

Okay, gotta go and finish cleaning and then check out the others here and here.


  1. well *PHEW* i am glad you made it in time because i definitely would not have wanted to miss seeing this GORGEOUS set! i love that it's all the same bits... but changed about so each piece is unique; and i love the "bits" themselves: those glorious cardinals, that bright and festive embossed acid green cardstock, and those beeeeeeeautiful blooms!!! well done, you! ♥♥♥!

    (ps: i do hope the cortisone will help... it is NO FUN to have an uncooperative back!!! heal fast!)

  2. First ... I must have a tutorial on how to make that sweet little cardinals ... second, send me Jody in Texas' e-mail address so I can get some of those cool circles ... and third ... this set rocks ... love everything about it. Hope you're feeling better real soon ... follow the doctor's orders & take it easy. So glad you squeaked in for our jingle belles fun.

  3. Oh, so glad you made it in time! I've been there, done that too. Your card and bag are adorable! I agree about the cardinal - I want to know how you changed it up to make it one - it is an adorable embellishment. Also, very clever with doily and the liner - a very festive card and equally wonderful gift bag just ready for goodies!

    Thank you so much for participating with us on this joint challenge with the Jingle Belles, they are marvelous ladies! I hope that you visit us at Opus Gluei again sometime for more challenges!

    (btw - I hope that the cortisone is more effective and you are getting some pain relief)

  4. I Love Cardinals and how cleverly you have adapted that other birdy, just fabulous!
    Love your projects and I do so hope your back settles down to give you less pain :-)
    Thank you for joining in with Opus Gluei!

  5. I sure hope that injection helps!
    Goes without saying I love the little cardinal, but it's the gorgeous flower that caught my eye - first the colours, and then that fancy cupcake liner.

  6. I love how you used your cupcake liner, doily,and the aluminum center!!!! The image of them all flapping and floating around the Stamp Castle has me smiling :) What a fun way to create - just wait to see what flies at you from the fan! I also LOVE LOVE LOVE that cardinal!!!! So cute!!!! Hope your back is feeling better very quickly! xoxo!

  7. absolutely love the embossing and the cardinal on this card...this project is wonderful!

  8. This is a great set my friend. I love that cardinal. One of my favorites. Hope your back is better now.


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