Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Jingle Belles 23 - The Story to the Card Below

Let it sew, let it sew, let it sew. That's our cleverly worded challenge for this week. And if you click here you will see my card.

Well I hope that this counts as sewing cause it definitely called for a needle and thread. I would "sew" have loved to do something with machine stitching, but alas, my sewing machine bit the dust a few years back and even though I have my sister's now, I haven't even opened the case to see if it's useable (hiding my head in shame!). You know how you get attached to some things. I loved my Sears sewing machine. It was the first major purchase that HWNSNBP and I made when we first got married. Probably took us several years to pay it off on our Sears credit card. But with it I made clothes, costumes, curtains, and crafts of all kinds, including a few quilts. I could go on about how I still add to my fabric stash even though I don't have a machine (hiding my head in shame yet again), but let me forego that and get on with telling you about this card.

When I first saw the challenge I remembered that I had printed up a pattern - within the last year - of a snowflake that was done on paper with silver thread and clear seed and bugle beads. One of those things that I physically and mentally filed away for future reference. Well, although part of my brain remembered printing it off, it could not correctly interface with the part of my brain that was supposed to remember where the heck I put it, so I spent about... too much time...... searching through my papers and googling when I decided to go with this pattern that did pop up when I googled "pin pricked snowflake pattern" (and don't be surprised at some of the things that this points you to!).  The site is Card Inspirations.

I downloaded the pdf and used the pattern provided.  My original intention was to make three separate snowflakes for three cards, however, in my haste to stitch them up, I used a continual thread from snowflake to snowflake so then I could not cut them apart.  Thankfully, they were decently placed on the blue background. 

The thread is one double ply strand of DMC metallic floss - E415 Antique Effects, which I probably should have made single ply.  The background is Pacific Point CS and I've added some doily pieces and a MS punched snowflake with a glitter dot.  Put that on a background of Silver cs and then onto a white bristol board card base. 

Now, the reason that this description is above the picture is because I lost track of time today after I got out of the doctor's office and made a trip to Dollar Tree for pool noodles only to come out with $28 worth of merchandise - two bags full and 4 noodles.  Then I stopped at McDonald's for a Caramel Frappe to enjoy on the way home and screamed in horror when I looked at the clock in the car while I was in a line of traffic trying to get out of the parking lot.  So when I did get home, I quickly posted the pictures to squeak in under the 6 p.m. deadline and thought that I would go back and add the wording, but I wasn't sure if it would make the picture disappear from the link on the Jingle Belles blog, so to play it safe this is what I did.  (This idiocy must have been a side effect of the brain freeze from the frappe, or maybe it was the screaming in the car.)

Now if you click on the link in the very first sentence you will get to see all the beauteous creations for this week.  Please take a look when you get a chance.  These ladies are really talented.

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