Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thursday's Throw Aways (with pictures now!)

You know I've reused envelopes a couple of times on Thursdays, but this past week we got an envelope that just begged to be used.

Every once and a while you might get an envelope made of vellum. This is a great find because it can be used in a couple of ways - both in front of and behind the scenes so to speak.

Unfortunately, before I got my hands on this one, HWNSNBP opened the envy and wrote on it. Not to worry. There was still a lot of salvageable material.

I cut off the ragged edges and divided up the remaining panels. Writing or text on the envelope is not a factor for one of the uses.

If you've ever used a Stamp-a-ma-Jig, you might know that since vellum is so transparent, you can use it in the place of the clear plastic sheet.

Line up the corner in the SAMJ and stamp your image keeping the stamp right up against the "L" in the SAMJ.

There are four corners to every piece, which means you can get 4 images on one piece of vellum. Just make sure that you turn the vellum a quarter turn after each stamp used.

I took the image from the new Hostess set Wings of Friendship and started playing with it on a piece of scrap paper.

If you plan it out just right, you can form a star in the center. This I did on the scrap and then took another piece of vellum and laid if over that image securing it with some post-its.

Then I used the SAMJ to transfer that image onto the new sheet of vellum.

Happy Independence Day!


  1. That is exactly how I use vellum. It saves time because you can keep the vellum with the stamp set and not have to redo the stamping for the majig.

  2. Came via this project! Nice work.....


  3. This is very cool! Great job, esp. using the vellum as a SAMJ sheet.


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