Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Teapot Tuesday 55 - Meeting Martha Stewart

Tuesday's the day for Tea Parties on Cindy's glob. This week she featured a teapot with these crazy cats!!! The CAT-erer's as she put it. Since we had the sneak peak last week and I saw that it had cats on it, and I knew that I had but one cat stamp, you would have thought that I would have used the time between last Tuesday and today to stamp and color the cat. But no!!! I did what I do best - procrastinated - and left it for today.

This is Furleasha (named for our last cat). She is in charge of the shopping for the dinner tea today. I suggested that she might want to go to Costco, as we usually have a big turnout for these parties and at Costco you can get lots for less (as long as you have room for it!!!).

It was during this catversation that I remembered today was the day that Martha Stewart was going to be at our Costco signing her newest book about cupcakes. When I shared that with my co-worker, we asked our boss nicely if we could use some comp time and leave a little early today so that we could get to Costco and stand in line to buy a book and get it signed. (I didn't explain to him that Furleasha and I were also doing tea party shopping because I don't think he would have let me go - he probably would have called to have someone take me away!!!)

Yes, we were about the 85th people in line who waited for Martha to arrive. It wasn't so bad, really. While we stood in line we shot the breeze with the people in front of and behind us, and Costco had some of their workers walking up and down the line handing out cookies.
Martha was very nice. She signed the books and would speak to you if you talked to her. Just before it was my turn to approach her table, they brought her some snacks. She told me that she had only had a small salad for lunch today and needed sustenance. I told her that she looked lovely today.

Yes, that's all that I could come up with. Should I have said -

Martha, I am here with the ghost of my dead cat Furleasha and we are shopping for food for a dinner tea party today. Do you have any suggestions?

Then she might have suggested a recipe for Blue Tie Fish and we would have been golden!
I think she would appreciate how I used those ties to make fish and cupcakes to make a hat today! (Do you see the glitter gel pen I added to the fish to make them sparkle?)

So, I hope you like my card this week. It's a little Dr. Seussish, now that I look at it again. All those primary colors!!!!

Here's the details:
Stamps: Holiday Blitz (the tie and cupcake), Cat from Rubber Stampede, Studio G Clear Stamps
Paper: Real Red, Summer Sun, Ballet Blue, Basic Black, Watercolor
Ink: Basic Gray, Real Red, Ballet Blue and various markers to watercolor the cat
Accessories: aquapainter, glitter gel pen, circle punches, 1/4" black grosgrain ribbon

Now, please go take a look at the Teapot Gallery for this week. And thanks Kris for sharing your teapot with us this week.


  1. I just knew your story was the truth! Snort! You go girl! Meeting Martha! Honestly, can you imagine her walking into the kitchen where the CAT-erers are cooking and swapping hats? Giggle!

    Once again your card is the cutest! The creativity is always there and the fun-ness! I always make up my own words, why not? Hee!

    What is Martha's new book? I don't even have a clue, I am so under a rock somewhere, the big one, that's in my stamp room!

    I love seeing you once a week, at least! Hugs girlfriend!!!

  2. I think I see the the sparkle on the top one. Love the cupcake hat, can I borrow? HEHE
    Martha, at least you said something nice. Knowing her salads...something offensive would have left my lips with my ever knowing foot already on its way up!
    Are you going to Convention this year?

  3. There are moments that I kick myself when it comes to Martha. I started collecting Martha Stewart Living the first year it was issued (I finally gave up right around prison time). That first year of publication, she was speaking at an engagement about 60 miles north and I soooo wanted to go, but because I was too stubborn to go on my own, I passed up the chance. I just would've liked to see how she was in the early days.


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