Monday, July 27, 2009

Open Wide

I was going to pick blackberries and forgot a bowl so I whistled for HWNSNBP and when I did the babies started cheeping away. So, just before we opened the box I tried whistling again and this is what happened.

Word Verification

While visiting a favorite blog I found it ironic that I was commenting on the color combination and this was the word used in the word verification.




Slime Mold in the Woodchips

It has another name that I'd rather not mention. You can look it up on the internet.

Fox Tail

On my way home for lunch one day this past week I saw a fox laying in the grass by the side of the road. By the time I turned around and pulled up along side of him, he had seen enough of me and gave me this shot.

Dinner Plate Dahlia

This flower is from our garden and it is about 6" across.

Butterfly on Butterfly Bush

Arm Parentheses

That's HWNSNBP in between two of his best buds. We were at a graduation party.


  1. I'm swirling with eyestrain! So much to see and it's all beautiful! Well, except for the hind-end view of hubby, but I did see some liquor in the photo so all is well.

    I love your yard. I wouldn't mind visiting if you could provide 24/7 yard service to me while I'm stretched out in a hammock.

  2. I thought the mold looked like Mums...I'd like the 24/7 Yard service too! HEHE

  3. I love your butterfly photo. The flowers are pretty too!

  4. Just loving your photo's Lorraine! Especially the oh so cute ones of the baby birds! Keep up the good work!
    Hugs from Sunshine xo
    So wet here that I haven't done hardly any photography for awhile:-( You inspire me to get back into it - THANK YOU!


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