Monday, July 6, 2009

Dana's Card

My blogging friend, Dana sent me this beautiful card. She's temporarily relocated away from all her crafting supplies so she's had to wing it with what she can find in her new location. I heard tell that she did break down and purchase some supplies, but you see that gorgeous paper that she uses - she prints that from her computer. What a great idea!!!
I gave you a picture of the center medallion up close so you could see how she embellished it. When you open the card the medallion is actually on the inside. Very clever Dana!
She's not only cleverly crafty - she's got a great blog that is guaranteed to entertain you. So please go take a look at Dana's Life is Good.


    Holy crap, the card looks better on your blog than it did in my hand! Talk about a close-up. Did the little gem fall out? AND, most importantly, did you have to pay extra postage? I was trying to see if I could slip it past the post office mafia.

    Love you!

  2. Oh yes, poor Dana in Florida....she is down there with her new little cutter thing, must be keeping her busy, I haven't heard from her....I need to go see what she's been up to!


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