Thursday, September 30, 2021

Cape May

Once school started and the crowds died down we picked a day with nice weather to make a trip to Cape May.  I loved the way this planter looked in the sunlight with just the shades and textures of green and white.  I could see a couple of pumpkins being popped in there for the fall.

The obligatory picture of the lighthouse against that beautiful sapphire blue September sky.

We stopped in the West End Garage and strolled through the antique stalls.  This mannequin was in the front window.  The skirt was made of book pages and paper butterflies.

We went for lunch at the Cold Bar on the Lobster Dock.  From where we were sitting outside I could see into the building through this window and noticed that they had a little collection of the solar dancers under a skylight.  The people sitting under the window had no idea why I was pointing my camera their way.  I had to be quick about it.

The seagull on the other hand was waiting for one or both of us to be distracted enough to steal some french fries but he gave up when he heard his friends calling - there must have been a better meal at another table.

We stopped in the store with all the garden flags and windsocks and picked up a couple of things there.

Then we went over to the Swede Shop and and I fell in love with these felt owls and splurged on a set of them for the fall.

I found a few new Christmas ornaments to add to my collection too.

There were help wanted signs in most of the store fronts and this store was understaffed also.   We're hoping to get back to Cape May during the Lighthouse Challenge weekend coming up mid-October.  The store manager told me that they had more new ornaments coming in soon and she even took my contact info so she could let me know what they have.  Hopefully we'll have good weather that weekend and the challenge will go off as planned, otherwise we'll have to pick another time to do some shopping.


  1. It looks like a beautiful day for your trip. Thanks for sharing the photo of the book page and butterfly skirt - it's wonderful. And those little owls, so full of character and personality - I love their little bow ties.

  2. The paper/butterfly skirt is inspired! And I too would have had to bring some of the those sweet owls home.

  3. I enjoyed your lovely outing to Cape May, pretty sights.

  4. Love the photos, the flowers, the butterflies, the lighthouse, all so pretty! It's fun to go these little trips with you:-)


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