Sunday, July 21, 2019

And Another Week of ICAD

Day 37 - Clue
I know this prompt was meant for the game Clue but to be honest, I've never played so I went another route.  Letting you know that red fingerprints in my house are seldom blood.  And if they were in paint or ink, I would cop to it.  However, you might want to follow the trail of pizza crumbs next to the red fingerprint to see who the culprit is.

Day 38 - Color Chart
Just some spiral rainbow flowers because I think I was thinking more Color Wheel than Chart.

Day 39 - Blueprint

Day 40 - Card Catalog - Where the Train Went Off the Prompt Track
I wracked my brain to come up with something for Card Catalog and failing to do so, opted for a one staple collage using mostly scraps of stationery bits from the notes that come through my desk at school.  

Day 41 - Key Chain or Charm
We had all the locks in school rekeyed this past week and I asked for all the old keys to do something with.  I have a couple of ideas.

Day 42 - Direction
This is kind of off prompt.  I was going to put directional words in the outlined shapes but decided against it.  I had done this on a slightly larger scale in one of my art journals (in the background). But here is a quote I came up with...

"If you keep making right turns you'll end up right where you started.  But if you keep making left turns you'll end up where you  left off."

Day 43 - Pool
Or in this case, Tide Pool.  

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