Saturday, December 22, 2018

The Christmas Elf Strikes Again - 2018

Here's the recipe:

Cut out a stack of these die cuts while watching Hallmark Channel movies.

Smoosh some Color Burst paints onto watercolor paper being careful not to get any on the back.

Take the die cuts and..........

Glue them onto the watercolor paper.

Cut away the excess from the back.   Punch holes in the top and add a hanger (fishing line).

Add clear gel pen stars or white gel pen snowflakes and a silver Christmas star if desired.

Or leave the background to speak for itself.

Add a message or sentiment to the back in gel pen.  Initial and date if desired.

Sneak into teacher/staff mailboxes the night before the last day of school.


  1. These are gorjuss! What a great idea!

  2. Lucky indeed the staff at your school to be surprised by one of these! Beautiful!!

  3. This is why I think dies like that should also come with an (affordable!) solid piece to match. They look fantastic. I had to smile at the "avoiding getting colour on the back"...that would be the hardest bit for me.


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