Sunday, December 30, 2018

Sharing Their Christmas Card Creativity

A few of my card-making blogging friends sent me some beautiful cards this year that I just had to share.  And strangely, it's like they color-coordinated them too.

This card came from Sunshine in New Zealand.  You know it's summer there, which I sometimes forget.  How different it would be to celebrate true Christmas in the summer.  

Sunshine used this sweet deer die in gold and added some little jewels to his antlers.  It's gorgeous!

This card came from a fellow Jersey Girl - Lauren, who has a way with layers and layers of vintage goodies.

Just look at this stunning Christmas snowflake flower.  And the stitching around the sheet music!  Like I said, she has a wonderful way with layers.

Flying across the Atlantic from Ireland is this beauty made by Sabrina.  Would you believe that the bird is made from fun foam and a Guinness beer can!  She really rocked this one. 

The placement of the graphics on the can and where it was used on the bird is simply genius!

Thank you all ladies.  You truly have made my heart sing with joy this Christmas!


  1. These are so beautiful, thanks for sharing, such creativity.

  2. Oh, music and lace - got to try that soon, it looks gorgeous, especially with that green shimmer in the leaves. As does the beautiful deer.
    Pure serendipity that the harp was left for cutting the bird from after a cut a snowman using a Bigz, so his positioning was totally flying blind.

  3. My your cards are lovely! I absolutely love the snowflake flower.


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