Friday, December 7, 2018

Adding to the Forest

Sorry for the lack of posting these last couple of weeks.  It's the busy season of getting things ready for the holidays.  One of the things that I wanted to get out of the way, so to speak, was these trees.  As you can imagine, even though they are die cut, there is a lot of scrap created.  Some of it very small as I tend to want to squish the very most out of every postcard advert that I use.  So my workspace and particularly the floor in that room get full of those scraps and I just wanted to get them done so I could clean it up and not track it around the house.  

I brought one of them into school for my desk and now people are bringing me junk mail from home, so this project will probably continue after the holidays and I just might have to stock up for next year and auction some completed ones off.

One last picture to share.  This little guy watching "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" for the first time with his big bowl of popcorn and yes, that's what's left of his first black eye.  No fighting involved, just a couple of little boy's heads knocking.    


  1. Lorraine, they are so beautiful. I'm sure they are a bit time-consuming, but how worth it. What a magical wonderland of a forest you have created. I hear you on the time think, I feel swamped by life right now.

  2. Such a cutie! I love your trees so much work.

  3. Your trees look awesome, very original!
    Awe, the little guy is adorable, even with his healing black eye.

  4. I just love these trees Lorraine! And what a great way of using up some advertising brochures you get in the mail! You have done an excellent job making the tress!

  5. Those trees are absolutely adorable! It's no wonder people are bringing you the makings for more because they're probably hoping you'll make them one. Adorable 'grand' too - no doubt loving on Rudolph like our 2 year old grandson is.


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