Monday, December 31, 2018

Filling up the Week of Days Off

Just a round up of some pictures from the week I've had off, starting with these farm fresh eggs that were gifted to me by a student.  I just love the colors!

Thank You notes I've been working on.

This is the book shelf that HWNSNBP made for our grandson as requested by his parents.  He did a wonderful job on it and they are very happy with the finished product now in place.  

Our holiday celebration on the eve of Christmas Eve found us missing our littlest celebrator and his mom and dad as they made an unexpected trip to the emergency room on the way to our house.  Everything turned out okay and we tried to get everyone together for this past weekend but illness in two households cancelled those plans.  So when our visitors couldn't come Saturday, we decided to visit the Raptor Trust.  

I couldn't get any good pictures of the snowy owl this time.  I think they have replaced the netting in its cage and neither of the cameras I had with me would give a clear enough picture.  Maybe this is a sign that I will be able to find one on the beach this winter and get my bucket list photo in the wild.

My good friend J gave me this wonderful blank book.  Don't you just love that cover!  It's got the largest pages of all my journal/sketch books and I'm looking forward to filling it up this year.

I started off with a collage of some memorabilia I collected during the month of December.  Parts of cards, postage stamps, gift tags, notes to myself, etc.  This might become a monthly thing.....

We'll be spending our traditional New Year's Eve with our Table 7 crew tonight.  There are games planned, food ordered, stories and plans ready to be shared which promises to be another memorable start to a new year.


  1. Those farm eggs look amazing!

  2. Such beautiful eggs - I didn't know they came in quite so many colours! And enjoyed seeing all the beautiful birds - a good way to spend a day, but too bad the family couldn't make it. Happy new year!

  3. The eggs are gorgeous - thank you for sharing that photo! And the bookcase, what a beautiful treasure and heirloom. Sorry there was illness in the family over the holidays, it always seems especially unfair to be sick at Christmas. My sister and I were reminiscing over the one time she hosted our traditional family Christmas Eve - we were the first to arrive and she told me what needed doing in the kitchen and her husband promptly rushed her off to ER as she'd chopped the tip of her finger while chopping wood not long before we got there. Thankfully the hospital was near and she was back in time for the dinner.


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