Thursday, March 8, 2018

Sharing Their Creativity (Way Overdue!!!)

I've been going through some pictures this last couple of days as I keep getting that dreaded message "Storage Full" on my cell phone.  And not only that, I actually filled a card on my big camera (over 2,500 pictures) which needed gleaning.  I do transfer everything to my laptop but I've been lax about backing that up and those on my phone (even though my phone has a cloud - I have no idea where that cloud is or how to get to it) so I hadn't been deleting a lot that I should have.  I have an external drive for the laptop and I recently purchase a Picture Keeper drive for the camera and used some of my "snow day" time taking care of those things.  In the process I came across pictures that I regretfully have not published sooner because they are a testament to the talents of the creative souls that I have found a bond with over the years through the internet.

Let me start with the Christmas cards and what came with them.  The first is from Sabrina.  She used her fingerprints to creative the most adorable little penguin!  Sabrina hails from Ireland and we met via Splitcoast Stampers (remember the Teapot challenges?).  She is still an avid participant in most of the challenges at Splitcoast and is always trying new techniques.  I always love seeing what she will come up with next.  

Sabrina made me a little tetraptych or quadriptych (having four panels).  This is the front.

And the panels when opened have trees representing the four seasons paying homage to my use of this very set to celebrate the 60th birthday's of my Table 7 gang.  She wanted me to be represented and I absolutely love this as the subject matter is very close to my heart.  There is so much texture to the framing of the trees.  So much detail and thought went into it!

My friend Lauren, of Jingle Belles fame and who happens to live pretty near me, sent me this gorgeous creation.  If you've ever visited the Jingle Belles blog after viewing my posts on the challenges, you must have seen her wonderful works.  She not only makes beautiful cards, she is skilled at mixed media collaging, and also loves trying new products and new techniques.  I was lucky to have spent a day with her this summer doing just that.  

She created this wrap for the gift she sent me.  She printed the design on the paper using her techniques and talents and then decorated it with more torn paper and sari silk.  This to me is just as much a gift as what it wrapped.

Sunshine sent me this from her home in New Zealand.  Such a sweet image and a clever interactive card.  She is always trying new card designs and I am lucky that she has shared these with me.  

And Sunshine, one of my Pig Ladies, sent me this lovely card to celebrate Pig Day.  

She not only makes cards, she makes "Mail Art".  All of the envelopes that I've ever received from her are decorated so beautifully.  I know that she loves doing this and I love getting them!

My friend Clare in California who I met through blogging, is an accomplished origamist, dollmaker, and mixed media artist.  She recently held a giveaway through her Facebook page for Skeleton & Elf and I was the lucky winner.  In my "prize" package were a myriad of delightful things.  These origami crane ornaments that she made are so beautiful.  

And here is the book that she made of the adventures of Skeleton & Elf from 2015.  I know some might question her sense of humor but I find it wonderfully entertaining.  Ya gotta laugh!  She has her little elf (on the left in the picture) that she had growing up and that resembles that little Elf on a Shelf you see at the holidays, and her little skeleton in his elf hat, and all during the month of December, instead of the elf getting into trouble all by himself, Skeleton puts the screws to the elf and there are some pretty precarious (and comical) situations.  You have to laugh!  I've followed these adventures for a few years and always thought that she should make a book of them and luckily she did, and lucky for me I got one!

She also sent me this wonderful coloring book which I am enjoying.

And she is also one of my Pig Ladies and sent along this sweet flying pig ornament.......

and a very functional flying pig decorative hook for me, as well as this gorgeous card.  Oh, and lest I forget, in the picture above of Sabrina's gift, the background is a lovely turquoise scarf that Clare also sent along in my prize package.  I was truly overwhelmed with the thoughtfulness that went into this.

And I am, dare I repeat it again, truly blessed to have made the acquaintance of such talented and generous women from such faraway places.  Hugs to all of you!


  1. Aww shucks! Thanks for the hug Lorraine! How sweet of you to put my cards on your blog:-) You are a very thoughtful kind person, and I too am lucky to have gotten to now you through our blogs and art work:-)
    Have a fun weekend!
    Hugs from Sunshine

  2. Opening your mailbox has to be such fun! So much better than getting flyers and bills, for sure.


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