Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Scribble Picnic - OPERA

This week's Scribble Picnic theme is OPERA.  This didn't come easily, and in fact it is a stretch but I think, er I hope, you will find it fun.

O is for Opera and Owls so how about some Operatic Owls

O - Oberon, King of the Fairies in Britten's A Midsummer Night's Dream
P - Pamina, Daughter of the Queen of the Night in Mozart's Die Zauberflote
E -Emilia, Wife of Iago in Verdi's Othello
R - Reiza, Daughter of the Caliph of Baghdad in Weber's Oberon
A - Angelica, Queen of Cathay in Handel's Orlando

Don't be fooled that I actually knew those characters or operas - Google is very helpful with these things.  But no amount of Google could get HWNSNBP to find the "word" in the picture so I've illuminated it somewhat below.  

And here are some real owls and their opera....

I actually got to post this early today because we're having a snow day that's proving to be somewhat of a bomb.  They kept hyping up this second Nor'easter and we are in the 8"-12" belt on all the maps but so far (noon EST) just our grass is covered and the roads are just wet though it's been snowing since early this morning.  Realistically, we could have had school today, but now we will be adding another day to the end of the year to make up for today.  I really don't mind as I work all year, so this is truly a "day off" for me that I don't have to make up.  However, if we need another day they will be taking back the day before Memorial Day weekend which I will not like to lose.  So, I'm just going to have a pajama snow day and make the best of it by catching up on some projects and visiting the other Picnickers to see how they interpreted this theme.  Click here to join me.  

Next week the theme is ACROSS THE UNIVERSE which should prove to be very interesting.  Anyone want to try some "alien art"?

EDIT:  We wound up getting about 10 or more inches of very heavy snow.  Lost a few limbs of the pines and nearly lost the cable line.  Turned into a 2-day off situation.


  1. Hi Lorraine :) I love your scribble!!! It's so cute and so clever! Enjoy your pajama snow day, lord knows we need lots of those in the winter! :)

  2. Oh how fun.....I laughing so hard as I hear the Owl Opera...I can imagine your little critters in full voice too. I'm glad we are having fun with this one.

  3. Wonderful take on the theme this week Lorraine, fabulous opera characters. Enjoy your snow day!

  4. I love your operatic owls! And so clever to hide the letters in their feathers.

  5. How cute, and clever. I instantly thought of the French gateau called Opera, now I am feeling hungry for one. I hope you enjoyed the day off...and don't end up having to lose the long weekend for Memorial Day.

  6. Oh you have made my day ... I love Owls. In fact I volunteer at a Raptor Center and work with Owls every week. Your drawings are LOL funny and clever and the video is a hoot, Ha! What fun and the cleverness of spelling out the word in your drawings ... I am impressed and in awe, Lorraine ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  7. I absolutely DID find this to be a fun post–thanks!
    Your drawings are genius!

  8. WEll you didn't end up doing alien art that following week but that would have been indeed is your totally unique take on Opera for this theme. I love it adn yes, I did see the letters! But thanks for showing us anyway. ha. Very clever indeed, Lorraine! Thank you so much. Again, sorry for the late arrival!


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